About us

Wivey Action on Climate was set-up in October 2014. Our group covers Wiveliscombe and the 10 Parishes area, with those living in other areas also welcome to join our mailing list.

In July 2016, we joined The Climate Coalition – the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities.

We have a constitution and a committee to organise group activities. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings and contribute. There is an annual general meeting held in the autumn when the committee are elected.

Our aims are:

a)    To raise awareness of climate change, the contribution of human carbon emissions and their effects on the life of our community;

b)    To positively engage and work with local people, businesses and community organisations in the Wiveliscombe area on climate change and solutions;

c)    To promote and support low carbon and sustainable living and working in the Wiveliscombe area;

d)    To campaign at local, national and international levels for sustainable solutions to climate change which improve human well-being and protect the natural world.


It is free to join Wivey Action on Climate – complete and submit our online membership form.

Committee (elected at AGM on 22 November 2016)

Patricia Robertson (Chair)
Dave Mansell (Secretary and Website)
Brian Collingridge (Treasurer)
Richard Brunning
Kim Cavanagh
Sara Dove

Address for Correspondence

Wivey Action on Climate
c/o The Greenhouse
Old Brewery, Golden Hill
Wiveliscombe TA4 2NY


Raising awareness and taking action on climate change

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