Wiveliscombe on map for electric vehicle charging

An electric vehicle charging point is now available in Wiveliscombe, serving local residents and visitors.

The charging point is shown on Zap Map and the Pod Point network. It is located in the top part of Croft Way car park behind the Community Centre. To use, download the Pod Point app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Two cars can be charged at the same time, with 11 kW supplied from each Type 2 connector. Charging costs 30p per kWh.

The project was first proposed by Wivey Action on Climate and Environment in 2017 and followed a local meeting in 2016. There have been changes and delays due to the merger of district councils and the pandemic, but the charging point is finally available for use.

Electric is the future for cars and the sooner we can transition the better for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also important that we reduce the need for travelling and cycle, walk or use public transport whenever we can.

Wiveliscombe Community Centre are hosting the charging point and it is connected to their electricity supply, which means some charging will be solar powered from the Brendon Energy solar panels on the roof. The charging point is managed by local volunteers. For further information email: ev@wiveyaction.org.uk

Funding has been provided by grants from Brendon Energy, Somerset West and Taunton Council and Wiveliscombe Town Council.

Shown in the photo above (left to right) are: Francesca Croft*, Julie Mitchell (town councillor), local resident Sue Clowes, Des Hawkins* and Dave Mansell (district councillor for the ward). Dave and Julie organised and now manage the charging point.

*Wiveliscombe Community Centre


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