Wildlife-friendly planting provides welcome to Wivey

As part of town recovery projects, an amazing group of volunteers have come together to look after the bank at the back of Croft Way car park. Somerset West and Taunton Council, who own the bank, agreed to this initiative and strimmed back undergrowth and grass encroaching on the footpath. Volunteers have removed brambles and started to plant woodland trees and flowers.

There will be further wildlife and insect friendly planting on the bank, including fruit bushes, bulbs, pollen-rich shrubs and plants for year-round interest. Over time, the bank should develop further into a lovely new feature welcoming people to Wivey.

The volunteer group has also done great work in the herb garden behind the Community Centre. Do take a look at the variety of herbs and flowers, the hazel arch and a willow hedge, all of which should flourish over the coming months. You may also wish to sit on the bench and enjoy the view.

In the photos above (click to view full size) are project leaders Lena Holland and Jon Burgess with officers from SWT’s Open Spaces team.

A steering group is allocating funding from Somerset West and Taunton Council for town centre recovery projects in Wiveliscombe. So far, these have included a contribution to building works at Wiveliscombe Community Centre, hanging baskets in the town centre, umbrellas for those queuing for shops, as well as some costs for planting on the car park bank. The steering group consists of the two Somerset West and Taunton councillors for the Wiveliscombe ward and representatives from the 10 Parishes Business Group, Town Council and Wiveliscombe Area Partnership.

Photos below (click to view full size) show the latest work in progress at the herb garden behind Wiveliscombe Community Centre.

This all builds on work first undertaken to create the community herb garden back in 2013.