Talks on local climate change – 7:30pm, 21 Nov

All are welcome to attend our next meeting on Tuesday, 21st November, in the hall at Wiveliscombe Primary School, North Street. £2 entry on door.

This will look at the signs and effects of climate change in the Wiveliscombe area, with two illustrated presentations. Gareth Varney, who works for the Environment Agency, and is an expert on measuring the water cycle, will look at changes in local rainfall, groundwater and river flows. Simon Ratsey, who has been recording local weather, including rainfall and temperatures, since the 1960s, will look at local indicators so far of climate change. Whether changes can be attributed to climate change or other factors, such as land use, will be considered.

The meeting will close by 9pm, with time for questions and discussion.

We will be holding a short Annual General Meeting before the talks from 7pm. New members and guests are welcome to attend the AGM too or to attend the talks only from 7:30pm.