Clutter to treasure

Wivey Action on Climate are holding our third Give or Take for Free from 11am to 12 noon on Saturday, 7th October 2017 at Kingsmead School car park.

This time, there will be a focus on children’s toys, games and books, but any surplus items can be given away to others to put them to good use again. The events have proved great for exchanging many household goods, including tools, kitchen ware, ornaments, small furniture, garden pots, CDs, etc. Children’s items have proved particularly popular and, previously, items given away have included bikes, toys and sports equipment. All are welcome either to give or just take or both.

No electrical appliances are accepted as they can’t be tested for safety, but it is hoped this can be addressed at future Give or Takes. No money changes hands and items are given free for personal use only, so no traders.

These events help reduce waste and consumerism by extending the useful life of goods. Bring items in your car to display from the boot or bring on foot and display on the ground.